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Welcome to A Matcha Enthusiast's Diary

A Matcha Enthusiast's Diary

I'm Oca, Matcha Enthusiast and Matcha Explorer. I am pleased that you are interested in Matcha and that you found the way here to my blog.

The main topic of this blog is Matcha, the tea itself. I'm not very knowledgeable about the Japanese tea ceremony. I am a Matcha enthusiast, nothing more nothing less.

Since more than eight years I'm drinking Matcha now. During this time the popularity of Matcha has increased rapidly and is constantly growing in the West.

Now it's much easier to get your hands on a good quality Matcha. But on the other side there are a lot of national and international vendors active on the market who want to make a lot of profit with "Matcha".
That is why I'm a little bit curious on how long the current hype of Matcha will last.

Well, as you are most probably aware Matcha is powdered green tea, but not all powdered green tea is Matcha. Beware of cheap Matcha varieties from countries like China and Taiwan. They are more appropriate for cooking and baking. Keep this in mind when you are looking for a good quality Matcha ^.~

And as I know how difficult it can be to find trustworthy tea vendors online I'm in the process of reviewing my favorite online retailers. So check them out if you are looking for Matcha and its preparing utensils.

If questions still remain open, just use my contact form.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come back soon.


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