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How to store Matcha and keep it fresh

20g Matcha can vs Matcha sifter by Marukyu Koyamaen

Hello Matcha Friends,

One topic that always seems to come up with Matcha is the storage.

Even I haven't yet found the best solution. But here is my temporary solution that works well so far.

Storage of Matcha

Matcha is a very delicate and sensitive tea that needs to be stored properly to maintain the full-bodied flavor.

Because Matcha is a very fine-ground powder, the particles have a more surface area per volume and that means they are more exposed to the elements. 

And like a green tea drinker you should know that heat, humidity, light, air and odors are the natural enemies of each green tea. So be especially careful with storing your Matcha.

What must be attend and where are the difficulties?

To find the best solution for storing Matcha is not so simple as you maybe think. 

Online retailers and suppliers often only give you these general recommendations: air-tight, light-tight and a dry cool place. That says a lot important stuff but missing a good advice for implementation. 

The shelf life of Matcha under ideal conditions is about a year. Not much time. As soon as you open a package of Matcha the shelf life is reduced to max 4 weeks. So the best solution is to only buy small quantities.

If you buy Matcha in bigger quantities for saving shipping charges for example, it's best to store your Matcha in the freezer. 

But before storing Matcha in the freezer carefully check the packaging if it's in good condition. 

And be aware of that Matcha can becoming wet when frozen and then exposed to air. 

Therefore you should take out a Matcha tin of the freezer in the evening and let it thaw up in the refrigerator during the night before you open the tin the next day. 

Room Temperature or Refrigerator?

Opinions are divided when it comes to storing opened Matcha: Is it better to store it at room temperature or in the refrigerator? 

Well, the main problem is not heat-damage here but moisture and odors.

Storage of Matcha
Storing Matcha tins in Marukyu Koyamaen's sifter/ Vacuum Container with vacuum pump for storing Matcha bags

I store my Matcha in the refrigerator.

Either I use the Matcha sifter by Marukyu Koyamaen or I use a vacuum container especially for Matcha which comes in bags.

The sifter by Marukyu Koyamaen is great for storing tins. It's big enough for 20g cans and for the most 40g cans and provide a good protection through an elastomeric sleeve which is mounted around on the inside of the lid.

If you like me store your Matcha in the refrigerator then you should let it warm up to room temperature before opening in order to avoid condensation.

The most important issue is to go through your Matcha fairly quickly. That's why I prefer buying 20g cans. 

A good long-term storage solution is a vacuum container, but it's not hundred percent perfect either.

How do you store your Matcha powder?

Oca Ocani

My journey through the world of Japanese teas started after discovering Matcha. That was nearly eight years ago. And during this time Matcha became my favorite green tea.With this Blog I want to share this passion, inspire and show the versatility of Matcha.

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  1. Hello, I just bought a 40g can of Matcha from a store called My Cup of Tea, here in Montreal (Chinatown). All she told me was it's "sensitive" and to make sure the tin it came in was closed tight after each use. I am now online reading about Matcha, and came across this page. So I immediately put my tin inside the refrigerator. As well I will be consuming it within 4 weeks as recommended by you. I am disappointed that the lady who sold me the tea, told me it is from Japan, premium grade as in ceremonial, only to get home and read it is made in China.

  2. Where can I order MArukyu Koyamaen matcha? It is so good!


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