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How to froth Matcha

How to froth Matcha?

Hello Matcha Friends,

Yesterday's post was about the impact of foam on the taste.

Therefore today's post is going to give you useful tips for creating a creamy froth.
Because it is not all about practice.

How to successfully create a creamy layer of froth on top of Usucha

Yet over and over again you are going to read the information on the internet that you can create a frothy texture with tiny bubbles by using an electric milk frother.

You only have to note the following: Take a tall-ish drinking vessel.

Well, I was skeptical...

Matcha prepared with milk frother
Matcha prepared with milk frother

... And I still am.

While whisking with the milk frother it splashed a little. Maybe my glass was still not tall enough? 

But the big surprise was the taste. By the way I used Tsukikage by Ippodo and it tasted only bitter, bitter and bitter. No multilayered flavor at all, only an overwhelming bitterness. 

The froth was creamy but with some large air bubbles and the Matcha didn't dissolve completely. Although I sifted the Matcha powder somehow some lumps formed. I whisked for about 1 minute.

And I'm not at all satisfied with this result.

So here are my key points for the success of creating a creamy layer with tiny bubbles by using a Chasen.

Matcha foam
Matcha Froth

As part of this, I remain true to the maxim of Practice makes perfect - and that is particularly the case when it comes to whisking Matcha the traditional way with a bamboo whisk. 

Actually, it's not really difficult to create a particularly fine cream on top of Usucha, the thin tea.

If you are not satisfied with your froth here is a short questionnaire with the most common errors. I hope it will help you to improve your preparing of Matcha.

  • Did you really buy Matcha? Not powdered Sencha or powdered Bancha?

  • What Matcha did you buy? Food grade Matcha or ceremonial grade Matcha?

Only with ceremonial Matcha you can create a fine and creamy foam. Read my post about Quality of Matcha for more information.

different Matcha grades
Matcha Grades

  • Did you use enough Matcha powder? Or maybe you used to much water?

The common preparation instruction is:
2g of Matcha powder per 60ml of (hot) water

Scale the weight of Matcha and measure the water and give it a new try. If you didn't get a satisfied result try it with 50ml water instead. Because with less water or a little more Matcha it is easier to create a creamy foam.

different amounts of Matcha powder
Chashaku to measure Matcha is not very accurate

Click the link above to see a simple test that shows how big the difference between the preparing of sifted and non-sifted Matcha really is.

Matcha powder
non-sifted vs sifted Matcha powder

  • Have you tried different sizes of Matcha bowls?

Your Matcha bowl should be wide enough to give you space to whisk properly.

If your present bowl is not working well for you, try another. There are various designs and shapes for Matcha bowls. 

different sizes of Matcha bowls

Matcha degrades really quick. With fresh high quality Matcha it's a lot easier to whisk a creamy foam.

How to store Matcha?
Storage of Matcha

  • How many prongs have your whisk? Have you already tried a high quality Chasen? 

120 pronged Chasen are best in my opinion. High Quality Chasen are better for creating a creamy foam with tiny bubbles.

So rather invest in a high quality Chasen. With a Chinese bamboo whisk it is more difficult to create a frothy layer on top.

Chasen Milk Frother
Chasen vs Milk Frother

  • How strong are your wrist muscles? Are you whisking quickly enough?

Do not use your arm but rather your wrist. And then practice, practice and practice to develop strong wrist muscles. 

You will see that your whisking have gradually improved over time.

Here is a short video by President Kevin Moore:

This video shows really great how to whisk Usucha, the thin Matcha, with your wrist muscles.
Please enjoy.

And now happy whisking.

Let me know if the tips worked for you or if you have another useful tip.

Oca Ocani

My journey through the world of Japanese teas started after discovering Matcha. That was nearly eight years ago. And during this time Matcha became my favorite green tea.With this Blog I want to share this passion, inspire and show the versatility of Matcha.

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